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"Another way, according to QD Vision Inc., a supplier to Chinese television-set maker TCL Corp. , is to pack the quantum-dot material into a long, thin glass tube that fits alongside the light source within a display. This method generates the same effect as quantum-dot film, but takes up less room in a TV set."

‘Quantum Dot’ Technology Offers Vibrant Colors, Leaving Crisp OLED Images on Hold
The Wall Street Journal
Byline: Min-Jeong Lee

LAS VEGAS—The world’s top television makers will this year peddle sets that enhance the color representation of their screens, but postpone a more dramatic shift in technology that promised thinner frames, more energy efficiency and crisper images.

New TVs and prototypes featuring “quantum dot” technology from manufacturers in South Korea, China and Japan took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, where companies including Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. showed off videos with vibrant color.

But in doing so, they overshadowed the organic light-emitting diode technology they had been trumpeting for years, raising the question, will OLED ever take off in television sets?

Samsung, the world’s largest television maker by shipments, introduced its first OLED television set with a curved screen in 2013 and said it would mass produce those sets that year. Yet at CES last week, the company repositioned itself as an advocate of quantum dot.

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