TiE Boston: Start-up Investment Secrets

East Arcade Conference Center 1 Main St. Cambridge 02142

Join us for a night on investments with Michael Skok and Bingham McCutchen LLC attorneys!

Hear from Michael Skok, Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, on Getting it Right, From The Start…

The most important decision a founder makes is which problem to go after. From a VC perspective, our best results come from backing entrepreneurs who are uniquely qualified to solve a problem — preferably one that is some combination of Urgent, Unavoidable, Unworkable and Underserved. When an entrepreneur builds a team that is dedicated to solve these types of problems with a strong culture and a clear vision/mission to build a big company it can be a decided competitive advantage. In this session we'll explore ways to increase your chances of landing that seed or Series A funding with a checklist of items to consider as an early stage startup when preparing to get funding and evaluating a potential investment partner.

Learn everything you need to know about term sheets from Julio Vega and William Perkins of Bingham McCutchen including: What is a term sheet & other key terms
Types of deals & their features
Control & ownership issues
Common issues that arise when dealing with VCs
and more...

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