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North Bridge, GigaOM and The 451 Group Launch Future of Cloud Computing Survey

23 Additional Industry Collaborators to Participate in Inaugural Survey

What: 2011 Future of Cloud Computing Survey
Who: Presented by North Bridge Venture Partners in Partnership with GigaOM, The 451 Group and 23 Industry Collaborators
Where: Take Survey at
When: Results presented June 22, 2011 at GigaOM Structure 2011, San Francisco

North Bridge Venture Partners, in partnership with GigaOM and The 451 Group, today announced the launch of its inaugural Future of Cloud Computing Survey. The survey will capture current perceptions, sentiments and future expectations of cloud computing from industry experts, users and vendors of cloud software, support and services. It will explore key areas such as: drivers for cloud computing, inhibitors, sourcing, hiring, TCO, the cloud’s effect on business sectors and user interest for future cloud services. The survey will also reveal profile information on the types of cloud services currently being used.

Open to the general public beginning on April 5, the survey has a target close date of April 29. The survey results will be revealed at GigaOM Structure 2011 and will set the stage for the Cloud Leadership Panel on the first day of the conference, June 22. The Panel will be led by Michael Skok, general partner, North Bridge Venture Partners. Michael will be joined on the panel by industry leaders from all sectors of cloud computing including: Dries Buytaert, CTO & founder, Acquia; John Dillon, CEO, Engine Yard; Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalyptus; and Lew Moorman, president, Rackspace Cloud.

“Through this survey we are creating a benchmark on the state of the cloud computing industry today that we’ll be able to measure against in the future. Cloud computing has become the focal point of virtually every conversation when it comes to IT strategy, technology purchase and implementation decisions. No other issue creates the level of interest and questions that cloud computing does. Now is the time to establish a clearer understanding of exactly where things stand as it relates to all things cloud computing. We are pleased to be joined by our partners from GigaOM and The 451 Group and greatly appreciate the assistance of all of our collaborators in getting this survey out to the field.” ~ Michael Skok, general partner, North Bridge Venture Partners

“Cloud computing is rapidly maturing and changing, with both providers and users still figuring out the capabilities, features, challenges and opportunities that are most important. Whether public cloud or private cloud, infrastructure or application development, enterprise or service provider, the impact of cloud computing on the industry has been immense. The Future of Cloud Computing Survey will serve as a key indicator of where that impact is taking us.” ~ Jay Lyman, senior analyst, The 451 Group

"Just as the last quarter-century was dominated by the PC and client-server revolution, the next decade will be marked by a migration towards scalable, on-demand computing which will drive cascading impacts across IT operations and orientation, as well as within the business units themselves. The biggest shift in the enterprise IT landscape over the next decade will be the growth of cloud computing as a critical, if not primary, underlying platform for all of enterprise business and technology functions. The Future of Cloud Computing survey will provide us with a solid foundation of where we are in this shift and an indication of where things will be in future." ~ Michael Wolf - Vice President of Research, GigaOM

The Future of Cloud Computing Survey will set benchmarks from which to study and track user and buying trends; much like its corollary, the North Bridge Future of Open Source Survey, now in its 5th year. The survey has been endorsed and will be distributed by more than 20 collaborators who have also joined the forum on the Future of Cloud.

To date, these include:
 Acquia
 Actifio
 Active Endpoints
 Akiban Technologies
 Apperian
 Cloudswitch
 Desktone
 Engine Yard
 Eucalyptus
 Exoprise
 GigaOM
 Microsoft
 Newforma
 Plexxi
 Rackspace
 rPath
 Signiant
 Sonian
 SoundBite Communications
 SpringCM
 The 451 Group
 THINK Strategies
 Unidesk

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