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    • 7/31 2014
      Review: Lytro Illum Camera Focuses on Everything
      A Camera Uses Light Field Technology to Give Photos New Depth; Game-Changer or Gimmick? The Wall Street Journal Byline Geoffrey A. Fowler What might photos look like if your camera could capture more depth? Rewind with me for a moment to that scene in pretty much every crime investigation show, where good guys studying security shots "enhance" the image... more »
    • 7/23 2014
      Apperian Hits 1M Enterprise App Downloads, Reports Record Growth
      BostInno Byline: Shannon Nargi Boston-based app management system Apperian announced on Wednesday that it has surpassed 1 million enterprise app downloads while reporting shattering growth numbers. The local firm, whose platform helps companies securely manage their mobile apps, more than doubled its year-over-year new business bookings in the second... more »
    • 7/14 2014
      The man who wiped $56bn off the storage industry
      TechTarget Byline: Nick Booth Start up veteran Ash Ashutosh probably has to look over his shoulder a lot. This is the man who could wipe billions from the revenues of IT storage vendors. It must be bad enough being in storage anyway, seeing how hardware is starting to become more of a commodity. But then along comes Mr Ashutosh to make things even worse... more »
    • 7/11 2014
      4, 3, 2, 1 …LIFT OFF!
      I am thrilled to announce that the latest additions to our state-of-the-art satellite constellation have joined their siblings in orbit! It is hard to capture the range of emotions that you experience during a launch. As the countdown advances, the sense of anticipation grows, a heady mix of excitement, nervousness and tension. A crowd of customers,... more »
    • 7/1 2014
      Acxiom Completes LiveRamp Acquisition
      Connects the Entire Marketing Ecosystem LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jul 01, 2014 -- Acxiom®, an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, today announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of LiveRamp, Inc., a leading service for onboarding customer data into digital marketing applications. ... more »
    • 6/30 2014
      Study Finds Improved Copy Data Management Could Save Federal Government $16.5 Billion Wasted On Redundant Data
      Copy Data Virtualization Identified As Key Strategy for Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) We’ve seen the dramatic impact of a more holistic approach to copy data management in the private sector for years now,” said Ash Ashutosh, Founder and CEO of Actifio. ... more »
    • 6/26 2014
      Couchbase Piles Up $60 Million as NoSQL Database Market Grows
      WSJ Deborah Gage NoSQL databases, which can accommodate millions of simultaneous users and handle data that is spread across many servers, have attracted a big pile of venture capital. Now Couchbase Inc. has added to it. One of the biggest of the new NoSQL database companies, which can handle data such as tweets that don’t fit into traditional columns... more »