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Introducing LYTRO ILLUM, a new light field camera that is going to bring radical change to the way we take and experience pictures.

April 22, 2014

By Jason Rosenthal, President and CEO, Lytro, Inc.

It’s Time to Change the Way the World Takes Pictures

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve played it close to the vest here at Lytro since we introduced the world’s first light field camera in 2012. Our team has stayed busy releasing some exciting new software features over the last couple of years, but you’ve likely been wondering if we had anything else up our sleeves… say, a new camera?

Rest assured, we’ve been just as eager as you to take the next step in transforming photography, and we are happy to tell you that the big day has finally arrived: Introducing LYTRO ILLUM, a new light field camera that is going to bring radical change to the way we take and experience pictures.

We’ve spent the last two years custom-building LYTRO ILLUM to advance Light Field Photography to a whole new level. You said you wanted to see what light field could do with more horsepower and pro-grade features, and we heard you loud and clear. We outfitted this camera with a completely novel hardware array and unprecedented computational power, both within the camera itself and through a brand-new accompanying software platform. Whereas the first Lytro camera introduced Light Field Photography to the world, LYTRO ILLUM will demonstrate the vast potential of this new category and give you the power to push the artistic frontier beyond anything we’ve experienced in the 175-year history of photography.

On the hardware side, LYTRO ILLUM packs exponential punch compared to the original Lytro camera: a 40-megaray light field sensor, 8x optical zoom range (30mm-250mm equivalent), constant f/2.0 aperture, a high-speed shutter (1/4000s) and tablet-class computing power through a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. But pro-level hardware is only half the story — what brings this computational photography platform to life is robust new software that allows you to view images in 3D, build custom animations and explore and manipulate image properties such as perspective, aperture and focal point in multiple dimensions even after the photo has already been taken.

Check out the specs below, or visit for even more info. Also, take a look at these living pictures captured with LYTRO ILLUM.

Key Technical Specs


· Custom-designed 40-megaray light field sensor

· 8x optical zoom lens (30mm-250mm equivalent)

· Constant f/2.0 aperture across the entire zoom range

· 1/4000 of a second high-speed shutter

· Extreme close-focus macro capability

· Combination of tactile-controls and smartphone-class, articulating touchscreen

· Dimensions: 86mm x 145mm x 166mm; 940 grams

· Hot shoe supports all leading flashes

Software Platform

· Virtual camera controls in post-processing including aperture focus and perspective adjustments and physically accurate tilt control

· Instantly displays 3D photos

· Integrated sharing to leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+

· Library of drag-and-drop cinematic animations, including pan, zoom, focus and perspective shift

· Interactive depth assist

· Compatible workflow with leading photo software from Adobe and Apple

LYTRO ILLUM will ship July 2014 for a retail price of $1,599. You can pre-order yours here and get a special introductory price as well as have the opportunity to participate in the Ultimate Lytro Photo Experience

Posted by Lytro Evangelist

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