Gigaom Structure

Mission Bay Conference Center San Francisco


As we consider what’s next for IT, the use of cloud-based resources is becoming the primary direction leading us to more agility, quicker time-to-market, and doing this all at a reduced cost. However, the paths to better IT using cloud are not as clear as we think. Join us as we tackle the big questions emerging in computing and IT.

At Structure 2014 we’ll dive into…

What the infrastructure powering tomorrow’s killer applications will look like.
The use of cloud technologies to design, build and ship physical products.
The true value of instant access to computer and storage for enterprises.
Do the terms public, private and hybrid cloud create a distinction without a difference?
Can the vendors that powered the PC and client-server revolutions maintain their edge in the cloud computing era?
Does massive and cheap scalability really exist?
What is the future of the internationalization of the cloud? What does the growth we’re seeing in China, Brazil, etc tell us about the future?
How enterprise technology providers will be upside down in just a few years.

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