Cambridge University Technology Ventures Conference

West Road Concert Hall, West Road, Cambridge

Beyond the Now
Moon-shot thinking and technology innovation for long horizons.

Join us at the largest student-led entrepreneurship conference at Cambridge University, where we bring together more than 400 entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, and students to share, collaborate and connect with visionary thinkers on all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Every year, CUTEC organizes the Technology Ventures Conference, with the aim of exposing the Cambridge Cluster to the wider business and fundraising communities, and is one of the world’s largest student-led entrepreneurial conferences. Alongside the keynotes and lectures, the day also features a company exhibition, consisting of well established national companies in the Cambridge area, as well as new emerging startup companies with high growth potential. The conference provides for delegates an opportunity to learn from leading international thinkers, meet successful professionals and intellectual academics, and experience first hand the cutting edge technologies being developed in Cambridge and the UK.

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