BASES 150K Challenge Finale

Stanford University, Palo Alto

Come be a part of the biggest entrepreneurship event at Stanford University! The Grand Finale of 4 BASES Competitions: E-Challenge, Social E-Challenge, Product Showcase, and Forge.

If you
have a fantastic business idea
are passionate about entrepreneurship and think your innovative (broadly-defined) idea actually can become a successful business
don't have the capital to pursue your idea/make it happen
...consider applying to the Entrepreneurship Challenge (E-Challenge).

E-Challenge awards a total of $50,000 to teams with exceptional business ideas that have the potential to become viable and successful businesses. Current (tentative) competition categories include cleantech, education, mobile, consumer/IT, and health.

At the center of entrepreneurship at Stanford, BASES is one of the largest student entrepreneurship groups in the world. We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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