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North Bridge is pleased to announce the sixth annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey and thought leadership program with its analyst partner, Wikibon.  The goal of this program is to highlight and track key challenges in the development, deployment, and operationalization of cloud computing software across market segments.  The unique proposition of this initiative is an industry-wide collaboration of organizations and influencers ranging from cloud native startups to large enterprises.


At the launch of this program, market hype outpaced adoption of cloud computing. Today, cloud use is less about adoption and more about putting the cloud to work with an endless array of potential applications. The shift in cloud inhibitors evidence this shift to a maturation of cloud computing moving from issues of reliability and interoperability to current issues such as security, regulation, privacy and a new form of vendor lock-in.

Components of the Program

The Survey:

The core of the program is The Future of Cloud Computing industry survey designed by North Bridge and industry experts.  The survey is used to anchor discussion of key issues related to adoption of Cloud Computing, setting benchmarks for annual comparisons.  Companies are invited to join the collaboration at no cost if they agree to the requirements of a Standard or Platinum collaborator. The most recent study and press release can be found here.

Industry Collaboration:

North Bridge creates and manages the program alongside key industry partners and collaborators. Promoted by 51 collaborating cloud companies in 2015, the Future of Cloud Study is the broadest study of its kind.  Collaborators range from industry leaders such Microsoft, RedHat, and Demandware to early stage companies such as Salsify and Tapjoy.  Collaborators are involved in the surveys and ongoing thought leadership activities.

Survey Findings & Thought Leadership:

With a strong social media program behind it, the 2015 Future of Cloud Study has garnered nearly 64K Slideshare views to date.  Among the key pieces of media coverage were:

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