The 5th annual North Bridge Future of Cloud Computing Survey, in partnership with Wikibon and over fifty industry collaborators, practitioners and users, reveals that cloud computing has become an accepted and integral technology. Furthermore, the study shows that despite deployment gaps among clouds, we should expect a future powered by hybrid cloud technologies. The question of whether companies are using the cloud has morphed to how deeply cloud adoption is integrated within the business. From the bottom to the top, all products and services will in some way be powered by the cloud making the promise of goods and services that have the potential to be better tomorrow than today. IT departments have reclaimed the reins on driving company technology strategy and cloud adoption as roles, skills and processes have shifted. Importantly, We’re also seeing the emergence of the cloud as the only way businesses can truly get more out of their data including analyzing and executing on it real-time. On the investment front, 2015 could tip the scale from private to public capital for SaaS companies.

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